Early modern historical Placenames in Burma-Yunnan

Started placing historical place names on Google earth after I finished my work today. Got digital longitude and latitudes that I converted to DMS (degrees, minutes, and seconds) using an online conversion utility. Then I manually found the places. It would be better to just load a Google Earth KML file. I took a photo: […]

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Cesar Federici’s”Account of Pegu” (1563): IV

Commerce in Pegu Previous Posts: 1. Cesar Federici’s “Account of Pegu” (1563) I 2. Cesar Federici’s “Account of Pegu” (1563) II 3. Cesar Federici’s “Account of Pegu” (1563) III Federici assesses the prospects of trade in Pegu c. 1563 rather negatively: “In the Indies there is not any merchandise that is good to bring to […]

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